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Quick Plist Editor for Windows

Quick Plist Editor cover

Quick Plist Editor is an easy to use Plist editor for Windows, it also can convert file format between Plist, JSON and YAML easily.

Quick Plist Editor contains a very useful Visual Tree Plist View that allows you to quickly look at the structure and hierarchy of a plist file and directly modify the property name, type and value of each node.

Need plist editor for macOS? Check Power Plist Editor for Mac.


✓ Dual Panel Editor

  • Syntax highlighting Plist xml view for checking raw text
  • Visual Tree View for Plist structure and hierarchy
  • Drag and drop in Tree View to manipulate nodes

✓ Easy to Edit Node

  • Load and Save data node to file
  • Modify node type easily with dropdown menu
  • Single node panel for editing of long string data easily
  • Add various sub-nodes with one click
  • Wrap node into Dictionary or Array with one click

✓ Formats Converter

  • Convert between PLIST and JSON, YAML formats easily

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Dual Panel Editor

Formats Converter

Node Context Menu


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