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Power TOML Editor for Mac

Power TOML Editor for Mac is a powerful TOML editor for developers on macOS can visualize TOML file and edit TOML file in a tree view.

Mac users also can visualize and edit TOML files on macOS with Power TOML Editor, the app can be found in Mac App Store with searching keywords “power toml editor”.

By Power TOML Editor, developers can easily view, explore and edit TOML files in a clearly Node Tree view, and also can manipulate nodes hierarchy with menu or shortcuts.

√ Powerful Editing Features

  • Syntax Highlighted Text View
  • View and edit toml with Tree View
  • Comments in TOML will be preserved
  • Got parsing error when editing a invalid toml file
  • Goto error position quickly by shortcut Cmd+’

√ Multiple Editor Panel

  • Raw TOML text editor
  • Single Node editor
  • Node tree editor
  • Toggle editor panel easily

√ Powerful Node Edit

  • Convert node type between string, number, boolean, date
  • Duplicate, cut, copy and paste Node
  • Adjust node’s parent easily with Command + ] or Command + [
  • Wrap node to table or array

√ Powerful Node Search

  • Search nodes’ key and value
  • Search with Node Path expression, example: $.runners[0].name
  • Only shows matched nodes

√ Export to Other Formats

  • Export TOML to Plist format
  • Export TOML to JSON document

Any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to send an email to [email protected], your advice is important to us 🙂


Powerful Tree & Text View

Manipulate Nodes Easily

Search with Node Path

Parse Error Indicator


Get it on App Store

Get it on App Store

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