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Power JSON Editor for Mac


Power JSON Editor for Mac is a JSON editor for developers with Visual Tree View and multiple plugins like Array Table Editor and jq Processor.

By Power JSON Editor, developers can manipulte JSON files in WYSIWYG mode, inspect JSON hierarchy cleary with JSON Tree View, and it has powerful JSONPath search capability and convenient node operation functions.

Moreover, Power JSON Editor contains many plug-ins that can perform numerous json-related editing and processing operations.

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TreeView with clear hierarchy

  • View and manipulate JSON with TreeView
  • Adjust node level with Cmd+[ and Cmd+]
  • Edit and add node directly in TreeView
  • Drag and drop supported

Convenient node editor

  • Separated Node Editor
  • Easy to edit large text node
  • Switch bool value with one click

Multiple Plugins

  • WebServer plugin
    • Serve editing files as HTTP API
  • Not Well-formed JSON Parser
    • Parse JavaScript code to JSON
  • Scripts plugin
    • Processing JSON with custom JavaScript

Powerful Search

  • Search with NodePath
  • Highlight matched nodes
  • Search key and value also supported

More Description

With Power JSON Editor for Mac, you can both edit JSON file with raw text view and JSON hierarchy tree view, and both contents of two edit panels are synchronized, edit JSON content in any editor panel will synchronize content to another editor panel, so it will keep content update always.

And Power JSON Editor for Mac contains many useful features like Syntax Highlighting, JSON Text Formatting, Parse Error Indicator, with these features, you can manipulate JSON files easily and quickly.

Also, Power JSON Editor for Mac includes many plug-ins to extend its functions, such as Local Web Server plug-in helps serving editing JSON files through a http server, and other apps can fetch JSON file content through http api, works like a API Mock Server. And Scripts plug-in can evaluate any JavaScript file to processing JSON files.

More editor features:

  • Error message of parsing JSON, useful to debug invalid JSON
  • One-click beautify and compact JSON text
  • Convert node data type between string, number, boolean and null
  • Duplicate, cut, copy and paste JSON node
  • Adjust node’s parent easily with Command + ] or Command + [
  • Wrap JSON node to object or array
  • Drag and drop JSON data between documents or other editors

If you need a JSON Editor for Mac, Power JSON Editor for Mac should be your choice!


Powerful Tree & Text View

Manipulate Nodes Easily

Error Indicator

jq Processor

Array Table Editor

Jade Template Render

JSONPath Expression

QuickLook Support

Wonderful Plug-ins



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JSONPath Support

Power JSON Editor supports filter JSON nodes with JSONPath () since 1.3.0.

Power JSON Editor does not support script expression like (@.length-1) in JSONPath.

Filter Expression

Power JSON Editor supports Filter Expression like ?(price < 10)


  • String Compare Operator: =, contains
  • Number Compare Operator: =, <, >, <=, >=
  • Collection Operator: filed in {value1, value2}
  • Logic Operator: and, or


  • Filter all books cheapier than 10: $..book[?(price<10)]
  • Filter all books title contains ‘of’: $..book[?(title contains ‘of’)]
  • Filter all books price is 8.95 or 8.99: $..book[?(price in {8.95, 8.99})]


Render Template Example

- each item in data
    h2= item.title
    p= item.text

Scripts Plug-in Example

 A Sample Power JSON Editor Script Plugin
PJEPlugIn = {
    // Name of this plugin, will show in submenu of Scripts plugin menu
    name: "Sample: Parse JSON with Comments",
     JSON processing function, will take two arguments
     @param json    JSON object from editor, maybe null for inform JSON
     @param jsonStr JSON text from editor
     @return Return value can be any valid JavaScript object, string will be treated as JSON text
    func: function(json, jsonStr) {
        return eval('(' + jsonStr + ')');

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