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Power JSON Editor


Power JSON Editor is a powerful JSON editor on macOS for developers. With Power JSON Editor, developers can easily import JSON data from web, or import plist data as JSON, and also can export JSON to plist file. With support of Plug-in, Power JSON Editor is also easily to extend its functions, such as use JavaScript to process JSON file.



 Multiple Editor Panel

 Powerful Node Edit

 Import & Export

  • Raw JSON text editor
  • JSON node editor
  • JSON node tree editor
  • Toggle editor panel easily
  • One-click beautifying JSON text
  • Convert node data type between string, number, boolean and null
  • Duplicate, cut, copy and paste JSON node
  • Wrap JSON node to object or array
  • Drag and drop JSON data between documents or other editors
  • Import JSON data from web
  • Import Plist file as JSON
  • Export JSON to plist file

 Plug-in Supports

 Scripts Plug-in

 macOS Catalina Compatible

  • Scripts Plug-in
  • Data format converting Plug-in
  • JSON Render Plug-in
  • MongoDB JSON Normalizer Plug-in
  • Local WebServer Plug-in
  • Parse JSON as JavaScript Plug-in
  • More Plug-ins in developing
  • Write your own JSON processing script
  • Use JavaScript to process JSON files
  • Supports dark mode
  • Supports document versions


JSONPath Support

Power JSON Editor supports filter JSON nodes with JSONPath () since 1.3.0.

Power JSON Editor does not support script expression like (@.length-1) in JSONPath.

Filter Expression

Power JSON Editor supports Filter Expression like ?(price < 10)


  • String Compare Operator: =, contains
  • Number Compare Operator: =, <, >, <=, >=
  • Collection Operator: filed in {value1, value2}
  • Logic Operator: and, or


  • Filter all books cheapier than 10: $..book[?(price<10)]
  • Filter all books title contains ‘of’: $..book[?(title contains ‘of’)]
  • Filter all books price is 8.95 or 8.99: $..book[?(price in {8.95, 8.99})]


Render Template Example

- each item in data
    h2= item.title
    p= item.text

Scripts Plug-in Example

 A Sample Power JSON Editor Script Plugin
PJEPlugIn = {
    // Name of this plugin, will show in submenu of Scripts plugin menu
    name: "Sample: Parse JSON with Comments",
     JSON processing function, will take two arguments
     @param json    JSON object from editor, maybe null for inform JSON
     @param jsonStr JSON text from editor
     @return Return value can be any valid JavaScript object, string will be treated as JSON text
    func: function(json, jsonStr) {
        return eval('(' + jsonStr + ')');


Import from Web

Multi Panel

Single Panel

Node Menu

Render Plugin