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Power Plist Editor for Mac

Power Plist Editor for Mac is a powerful Plist editor on macOS supports both Binary and XML plist formats for developers. By Power Plist Editor, developers can easily view, explore and edit plist files in a clearly Node Tree view, and also can manipulate nodes hierarchy with menu or shortcuts.



Power Plist Editor Feature 1

√ Complete Compatibility

  • Support Binary and XML format plist files
  • Save file with original format
  • Support all files types of plist format, even date and data type

Power Plist Editor Feature 2

√ Multiple Editor Panel

  • Raw Property List text editor
  • Single Node editor
  • Node tree editor
  • Toggle editor panel easily

Power Plist Editor Feature 3

√ Powerful Node Edit

  • Convert node type between string, number, boolean, date and data
  • Duplicate, cut, copy and paste Node
  • Adjust node’s parent easily with Command + ] or Command + [
  • Wrap node to dictionary or array
  • Preview data field as image
  • Load data from file and set to data field

Power Plist Editor Feature 4

√ Powerful Node Search

  • Search nodes’ key and value
  • Search with Node Path expression, example: $.CFBundleDocumentTypes[0].LSItemContentTypes[0]
  • Only shows matched nodes

√ Export to Other Formats

  • Export Plist to Binary or XML format
  • Export Plist to JSON document

Any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to send an email to [email protected], your advice is important to us 🙂


Powerful Tree & Text View

Manipulate Nodes Easily

Search with Node Path

Preview Data Field as Image


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