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Notice: This application is not compatible with macOS Catalina.

This application is discontinued in development.

HostsManager is a utility written in REALbasic. It’s used for managing hosts file of the system and supporting Mac OS X and Windows.

Notes: If you need to run HostsManager in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, please right click on the HostsManager’s icon, then use “Run as Administrator”.

HostsManager 是一个使用 REALbasic 编写,用于管理 hosts 文件的工具,支持 Mac OS X 与 Windows。

注意: 如果要在 Windows Vista 或 Windows 7 下使用,请使用管理员权限运行本程序。

通过 HostsManager,可以按 IP 组织需要进行映射的域名,并且可以根据需要将 IP 按组进行管理,可以对一组 hosts 统一启用或禁用,也可以方便的复制一个节点为纯文本,从而可以发送给其他人来添加 hosts。


  • Manage multiple hosts associated to one IP address
  • Manage multiple IP addresses in one group
  • Enable or disable one host, one IP, or an entire group
  • Copy and paste hosts
  • share hosts with others via Internet


History Versions

  • HostsManager for Mac OS X v0.4.2 (Released on 2011.07.24)
  • HostsManager v0.4.1 (Released on 2010.03.11)