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EasyPlantUML for Mac

EasyPlantUML is a PlantUML-powered diagram editor for Mac that supports real-time rendering so that diagrams can be previewed instantly after editing.

Do you need a PlantUML editor for Mac, without the hassle of running java commands in the terminal or deploying an additional PlantUML parsing server, just download an app and instantly edit and preview PlantUML diagram files? EasyPlantUML is the answer.

EasyPlantUML supports PlantUML syntax highlighting and code completion, so it can help writing diagram and chart clearly, easily and quickly.

You can also easily export PlantUML diagram to PNG, SVG, TXT, EPS, LATEX and VDX format with one click.

√ Powerful Editor

  • Syntax Highlighting for PlantUML grammar
  • Auto Completion in editor helps typing keywords quickly
  • Instant Parsing Error indicator for locating syntax error

√ Instant Preview

  • Auto Generated Preview when typing in editor
  • Zoom and Pan to move preview for checking diagram’s detail
  • With Scroll wheel it can be easily zoom diagram on macOS

√ Sharing

  • Save diagram document as its source with .plantuml, .puml or .pu extension
  • Export diagram to PNG, SVG, TXT, EPS, LATEX and VDX format with one click

For PlantUML grammar, please visit https://plantuml.com/ for documentation.


Multiple Diagram Types

Write Diagram with Live Preview

Zoom for Diagram Details



Get it on App Store

Get it on App Store

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