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Power JSON Editor Release Notes

Power JSON Editor v1.4.6

  • Add new plugin: Not Well-formed JSON Parser
  • Now you can parse JSON with comments or JSON-P response as JavaScript

Released on 2016.06.27

Power JSON Editor v1.4.5

  • Add Option+Command+V for paste and replace nodes
  • Add “Search Selection in Nodes” in context menu of text panel
  • Add Export HTML in JSON Template Render plugin
  • Fix Copy Node Path

Released on 2016.06.20

Power JSON Editor v1.4.3

  • Add authentication support for Import from Web plugin
  • Fix Json Template Render does not work when first load
  • Fix selection in text panel does not match node in tree view

Released on 2016.06.10

Power JSON Editor v1.4.2

  • Add Auto Select Matched Nodes in search options
  • Sort Children by Key now can sort children nodes of children

Released on 2016.06.03

Power JSON Editor v1.4.1

  • Support open any file with JSON content
  • Fix crash when close window in fullscreen
  • Fix JSON Template Render plugin

Released on 2016.05.27

Power JSON Editor v1.4.0

  • Add MongoDB Extended JSON normalize plugin
  • Add Local Web Server plugin
  • Add .jsonschema document type support
  • Add Error Tip View font preference
  • Add shortcut Command+'(single quote) to locate error position
  • Fix focus when deleting nodes
  • Fix paste menu in outline view
  • Remove OS X 10.6 support

Released on 2015.08.27

Power JSON Editor v1.3.15

  • Add wrap lines to editor width preference
  • Now click node in tree view will focus node’s JSON text in text editor
  • Now “Show” button in error message can locate parsing error location

Released on 2015.06.19

Power JSON Editor v1.3.12

  • Add playground for test json without create file
  • Add opening any text file support

Released on 2015.02.28

Power JSON Editor v1.3.11

  • Add Tree view’s font preference
  • Add characters and bytes count information

Released on 2015.01.09

Power JSON Editor v1.3.10

  • Now Power JSON Editor support open and save JSON documents in iCloud.

Released on 2014.08.25

Power JSON Editor v1.3.9

  • Fix incorrect rounding of long numbers, for example 0.12345678 will be rounded to 0.123457

Released on 2014.08.08

Power JSON Editor v1.3.8

  • Add auto indent in JSON Text Editor
  • Fix app hangs up when delete node in pasted nodes
  • Fix JSON Template Render plugin may not work in OS X 10.9

Released on 2014.05.29

Power JSON Editor v1.3.7

  • Check duplicated nodes now will check contents of nodes
  • Drag and drop text file to left panel will load content s of file
  • Fix smart quotes in OS X 10.9
  • Fix JSON node editor panel lost focus when editing

Released on 2014.03.11

Power JSON Editor v1.3.6

  • Add Copy Node Path to node menu
  • Fix crash when press Cmd+Z after add a new node
  • Fix can not double click to edit node key

Released on 2014.02.17

Power JSON Editor v1.3.5

  • Auto restore file’s content that changed externally
  • Add Chrome Extension manifest.json Template
  • Fix click on another cell cause losing editing cell’s value
  • Focus nearest node after deleted selected nodes

Released on 2013.10.15

Power JSON Editor v1.3.4

  • Add templates support, you can put custom template with “.json” extension into templates folder
  • Templates folder can be opened in menu “File > New from Templates > Open Custom Templates Folder”
  • Add “Check Duplicated Nodes” in Node menu, children with same keys of a object node will be highlighted
  • Move “Import from Web” to Plug-ins menu

Released on 2013.08.21

Power JSON Editor v1.3.3

  • Fix copy or cut multiple nodes
  • Fix drag nodes between docuements
  • Fix delete multiple nodes

Released on 2013.07.17

Power JSON Editor v1.3.2

  • JSON imported from web will be auto beautified
  • Now can convert node type between any types, but node data will lost when convert between some types, such as from Object to Number
  • Add JSON text editor font preference
  • Now Power JSON Editor supports edit plist file directly

Released on 2013.05.07

Power JSON Editor v1.3.1

  • Fix use tab key move cell does not save node’s new value

Released on 2013.03.06

Power JSON Editor v1.3.0

  • A new powerful node search feature with JSONPath support!
  • Nodes search supports JSONPath expression (like XPath), for example: $.store.book[?(price<10)]
  • For detail JSONPath grammar, see http://goessner.net/articles/JsonPath/
  • Add Search Nodes toolbar item, you can add it by customize toolbar
  • Change import from web menu title to “Import from Web”
  • Change import from plist menu title to “Import from Plist”
  • Add “Reimport from Web” menu
  • Now can specified shortcut for import menu in System Preferences
  • Fix node’s contextual menu

Released on 2013.02.20

Power JSON Editor v1.2.8

  • Fix bugs cause crash in 1.2.7

Released on 2013.02.09

Power JSON Editor v1.2.7

  • Add bottom padding to avoid error message covering the JSON text
  • Fix crash when parse some wrong json
  • Fix QuickLook plugin does not show document name
  • Fix QuickLook plugin does not escape html content

Released on 2013.01.31

Power JSON Editor v1.2.6

  • Add QuickLook plugin, now you can press space in Finder and preview a JSON file with pretty format
  • Add Shift+Tab support
  • Type and Value field now support auto complete
  • Fix crash when undo after create a node
  • Fix Tab key move to next cell does not save cell’s value
  • Fix import from web does not recognize encoded url

Released on 2012.12.10

Power JSON Editor v1.2.5

  • Add “Compact JSON” toolbar item, now you can compact your JSON text for saving spaces
  • Add “Use Tabs for indentation” preference
  • Other minor bugfix

Released on 2012.11.03

Power JSON Editor v1.2.3

  • Retina Display support
  • Sandbox support
  • Multiple rows selection
  • Sort node’s children by key or value
  • Directly edit boolean value
  • Tab key to navigate in cells
  • Save recent imported urls
  • Fix number display bug
  • Fix url contains Chinese character can not be imported

Released on 2012.10.10

Power JSON Editor v1.2.2

  • Save json file can be not .json extension

Released on 2012.04.01

Power JSON Editor v1.2.1

  • Add brace style preference, now you can set left bracket in new line
  • Auto select node key cell when add new node or duplicate exists node
  • Fix errors message was shown when JSON string is empty
  • Fix can not add object node or array node when JSON string is empty

Released on 2012.03.22

Power JSON Editor v1.2.0

  • Add Shift Left and Shift Right node support, use ⌘+] or ⌘+[ to change node’s intent level
  • Now edit JSON raw text will not make all nodes expanded
  • Now when new node added it will be scrolled to visible area
  • Fix a bug when duplicate or copy and paste a object or array node, modify node value will change both old and new node’s value
  • Fix parsing error does not hide when edit JSON node

Released on 2012.02.25

Power JSON Editor v1.1.2

  • Add parse error display

Released on 2012.02.23

Power JSON Editor v1.1.1

  • Remember last import from web url;
  • Fix a bug when using node editor

Released on 2012.02.09

Power JSON Editor v1.1

  • Add 32bit processor support
  • Add Lion fullscreen support
  • Add Lion Versions support
  • Add open plain text file support

Released on 2012.02.05

Power JSON Editor v1.0

  • Initial release

Released on 2012.02.02